COVID-19 and the state of African neurology

Expectations of Africa having high rates of infection and death from COVID-19 have, as yet, not materialised. At the time of writing, all 54 countries have officially reported COVID-19 cases; 123,724 people have tested positive for the disease and 3,668 people have died. The reasons for such low levels
may be due, in part, to countries rapid responses: South Africa declared a national state of disaster and implemented a nationwide lockdown before even its first death was reported and likewise Uganda suspended all public gatherings before the country reported its first case. In Ethiopia—where the first case was reported March 13—the office of the Prime Minister announced that schools, sporting events, and public gatherings should be suspended for 15 days, on March 16. In Addis Ababa, on April 8, the Council of Ministers declared a 5-month long state of emergency.

COVID -19 and the state of African neurology
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