Introduction to COVID 19, Background and Current Status (Sponsored by EADG)

The international devastation caused by COVID-19 has been catastrophic. As we are witnessing high income countries struggle to contain and control the pandemic, it is troubling to think of the damage it may cause to low income countries. The sweeping measures taken by the Ethiopian Government are encouraging, but similar to high income countries, Ethiopia will experience limited availability of personal protective equipment and testing kits.

Ethio-American Doctors Group (EADG) has launched a webinar series that connects Diaspora healthcare academics and specialists who are currently managing the disease burden to local healthcare professionals in Ethiopia to discuss the pandemic. The webinar sessions are intended for:

• Physicians who will be in direct contact with COVID-19 patients;

• Leaders in healthcare institutions; and

• Leaders among regional health bureaus.

Beginning on April 3, the webinars will take place over a period of 2 weeks, and it will cover the following topics:

• Introduction to COVID-19, Background and Current Status;

• Infection Control and Airway Management;

• Clinical features, treatment, and outcomes;

• Acute Respiratory Failure in patients and management;

• Mechanical Ventilation;

• Recommendations for laboring mothers and newborns; and

• Emergency, Preparedness, and Leadership.